Happy People
“Dr. Mitchell started adjusting me in April of 2000 because of headaches I was having. I have suffered for many years from migraines and my doctor had tried all different kinds of pills and even self injections of medications. Nothing really helped much, so I tried chiropractic. Since he started helping me, my headaches are very much in control… If I feel a bad one coming on, I have my neck adjusted and it goes away. This is truly much better than pills and shots!”
– Thomas P

“Great staff and great interpretation of the injury.”
– Antonio D.

“Both Dr Chong and Dr. Mitchell were excellent. If I had ay questions they answered them as best as they knew how. More importantly, I was very comfortable with the atmosphere and the personalities of the doctors. Thanks!”
– Brian C

“Great service and staff. Very friendly… like family.”
– Patricia H

“I work in a casino and have to carry heavy objects all the time. I used to have lower back pain and shoulder pain for many years. Since I started to go to Meadows Chiropractic I have felt great. My lower back pain is gone and my whole body feels much better. Dr. Mitchell, Dr. Chong, and the staff are wonderful. I look forward to coming to see them each month.”
– Cynthia T

“The doctors and staff are very professional and friendly”
– Aurora K

“They treat you really good, they are sweet and loving to all patients. They make you feel good at all times.”
– Carter K

“Very professional, friendly, and accommodating.”
– Katie M

“The friendly staff really makes you feel comfortable. All of you are wonderful and great at what you do.”
– Tom D

“I feel that the Doctors at meadows chiropractic are the best chiropractors I have seen. They have reduced the pain I was experiencing and are always gentle and caring.”
–  Julia Y

“I have been a patient of Dr. Andrew Mitchell for over 16 years now. He truly does care about his patients. Everyone at Meadows Chiropractic is wonderful. I would recommend them to everyone.”
– Ann R