Dr Jason Chong


Helping people with injuries causing constant pain and daily disability has been my passion and pleasure for the past 15 years. Growing up in Southern California and then attending CSU at Northridge I knew what I always wanted to do and that was to help people in need. How exactly was not clear until after I graduated with a degree in Biology with minors in History and Asian Studies I found Chiropractic.

I was immediately attracted to the hands-on and natural approach to wellness and its community of people who wished to avoid medications and surgeries which is so prevalent in today’s ‘Modern’ medicine. As such the past 15 years has been devoted to learning and practicing the many different methods and techniques so that I may help my patients live a more pain free life. This in turn improves their quality of living. If there is one thing from my years of practicing Chiropractic I can say to you right now, it is that Chiropractic may not always be the right approach to your problems, but I know with certainty that you would be glad if you gave it a try.