About Us

Happy PeopleEfforts to improve your overall health should extend beyond the doctor’s office. That’s why we take a holistic approach to healthcare which helps our patients achieve their optimal health goals and maintain those on a day-to-day basis.  When you step into our complete wellness center, you’ll immediately see that our mission is to ensure that each of our patients feel their best every day.

While conventional medical practices diagnose and treat diseases, illnesses and pain as they occur, the goal of Meadows Chiropractic is to promote total wellness in order to reduce the risk of and possibly prevent these ailments. By taking a mind and body approach to wellness, our patients are free to enjoy the active and whole lifestyle they desire.

Our practice is not only a warm and inviting respite from the world, but is also a place for education and treatment that leads to healthier lives. Our staff are experts in their fields and their passion for complete wellness is both evident and infectious. Whatever our patients’ health objectives are, we’re here to help them obtain these goals.

Bring your journey to Meadows Chiropractic, and we’ll help you find a healthier you.

Our Staff

Dr. Andrew Mitchell, Chiropractor/Owner

Dr. Jason Chong, Chiropractor/Owner

Jazmine, Chiropractic Assistant / Administrative Assistant

Isis Administrative Assistant